Forest Authors’ Festival


Programme to date…please note this is provisional and liable to change as the muse strikes…..

Friday 28th October

Main Hall:

From 10am Pop Up Shops  & lovely food all day

19:00 “I’ve just bought two Goldfish”…a collaborative, creative writing and story telling project

Introducing a new project by local writers presenting a series of sketches based on the experience of small town shopping as well as a workshop about the process of writing for performance.

 Everyone welcome – there will be an open mike

Meeting Room

10:00-12:00  & 13:00-1500  Children’s workshop

15:00 David Snell: My novel “Sing to silent stones”

16:00 Roger Drury: Writing about our lives (an incomplete history of Broadwell)

Training Room

10:30 Qi Gong

12:00 Julie Ann Amos: Ghost Writer – telling the stories of other peoples’ lives

14:00 Darren: My work as a Screen Writer



10:00 Story telling for adults  & 500 words winners

12:30 Children’s 500 words winners

Saturday 29th October

Main Hall

From 10am Pop Up Shops  & lovely food all day


Meeting Room

11:00 David Snell How I was inspired to be a creative writer…

11:30 Andrew Taylor

14:00 Clare Ham & Chris Nancollas of Yorkley A&E..Postcards from Pillowell… currently editing a collaborative history of Pillowell in the twentieth century these local historians and writers will share some of the joy and pain of researching local history and let slip some snippets of local gems inspired by pictures and postcards.

16:00 David Adams of Yorkley A&E …. Rev William Wickenden, Victorian novelist of Etloe, pursuing the story from beginning to end. Paul Manning will be on hand to answer questions on publishing.


10:00 Story telling for children

11:00 Comic Club (8 yrs+)

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