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What is the Coleford Area MCTI Partnership?

The Partnership is a strategic organisation that was set up to co-ordinate and encourage efforts of the community supported by the public, private and voluntary sectors both locally and regionally to regenerate the area of Coleford in a cultural, economical, environmental and socially sustainable manner.

What does MCTI mean?

The government set up an initiative known as the Market and Coastal Towns Initiative which encourages the people in communities to look at the challenges facing that community and how these can be addressed for the benefit of that community and its surrounding area.
In 2002 Coleford’s application to take part in this Initiative was accepted by the regional organisational body (SWRDA) and some funding was provided to enable the Partnership to take part in this “Healthcheck” process.

Consultations were held in and around the town for people to have their say about how they wanted Coleford to develop in the future. The results of the consultations led to the production of a local strategic plan for the period up to 2020.

The overall vision for Coleford set out in that plan is quoted as follows:
“to ensure that Coleford and its neighbouring areas remain attractive places to live and work by increasing the prosperity of the area, improving the quality of life of its citizens while maintaining the area’s natural heritage”

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Who can be involved?

Anyone who lives or works within the parish of Coleford and the surrounding parishes of English Bicknor, Lydbrook, West Dean (western part), St. Briavels, Newland with Clearwell and Redbrook, and Staunton may become involved in the Partnership.

The six surrounding parishes mentioned above have been encouraged to carry out similar exercises within their own parish and to produce a Parish Plan.
English Bicknor and Newland Parishes have both completed their plan, the results of which, where applicable, will be incorporated in the Coleford Strategic Plan. The same will happen to the work carried out in the remaining parishes.

What is the point of doing this?

In order to attract funding from government and other bodies, it is now required that we all act in a strategic manner. This means that we have to justify anything for which we are trying to obtain funding.

What happens next?

Strategic Plans drawn up include a list of projects that the people of the area have said they want to see developed. Some of these are very localised and others will have implications for other areas too. Improved public transport and dental facilities are just two of these.
There is a Forest Partnership that brings together plans for all four towns and their surrounding areas into a Strategic Plan for the whole Forest of Dean. This plan can then be used when negotiating with other funders such as the County Council, Strategic Health Authority and other bodies to encourage investment in the area.

What about me?

Not everyone wishes to be on committees but we can all play our part. For instance, we can get involved in a local festival or a playgroup or a sports club. All of these bodies help to improve our quality of life.

Perhaps you have a special interest and do not know how to find another person or a club that can provide you with help on this. You may want to start up a club yourself. We all have ideas and some of these may help other people as well as ourselves.

What can I do?

Come along to an open event and talk to a member of the Partnership. These events happen alongside the Carnival of Transport, the Festive Foods and Christmas Crafts Festival and other times when advertised around the area. You will be amazed at how many different things there are to get involved in.

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The Partnership exists:
“To ensure that Coleford and its neighbouring areas remain attractive areas to live and work by increasing the prosperity of the area, improving the quality of life of its citizens while maintaining and enhancing the area’s natural heritage”